Daily Verses : Exodus 17 : 8-16, Romans 8 : 37

Key Verse : Exodus 17 : 15 :And Moses built an altar and called its name, The-Lord-Is-My-Banner

The Lord Jesus is our banner of victory. He is our Jehovah Nissi.  With the help of God, Joshua led the battle when the nation of Israel was attacked by the Amalekites. Joshua was given the strength by God to finish the battle with victory.  God even made a promise to the Israelites that the Amalekites would never attack them again.  And that is why Moses built an altar and named it “the Lord is my banner of victory”. Also God holds the promise that victory will always be a part of Israel.
Today, the same God is giving us the same promise, that He will always be with us in every struggle that we encounter and that He will give us strength as well as victory.
He is also giving us the promise that once we win, then victory will be ours eternally.
The devil cannot steal it away from us because The Lord Jesus defeated the devil once and for all. When He died on the cross and his blood was shed, the devil was defeated, Revelations 12:10. The devil is scared of the blood of Jesus.

By the blood of Jesus, the victory that we have is for now and forever

Daily Action :
I will not let the devil intimidate and accuse me anymore. Starting from today, I will start to live as a winner and have the mentality of a winner.  I will always be optimistic in every situation that I face because God is with me in everything that I do and He gives me victory.

Daily Declaration :
Romans 8 : 37 : Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

Daily Prayer :
Today I will try to pray at the prayer tower with my Family Altar friends