Prayer, praise and worship, is the main value of IBC Church. It is the DNA of IBC. This value should always be instilled in every service and prayer meeting, so that the anointing and presence of God comes down in the midst of us. Along with the vision the Lord has given since this church was first established – to be a house of prayer for all nations and a light for all nations, The Lord gives a special mission for IBC, to bring the fire of prayer, praise and worship to America and also to other nations. This will bring down the anointing and presence of God and revival for America and many other nations.

Because of this, starting from September 2006, once a month, IBC holds a prayer, praise and worship night for the nation, called “Harp and Bowl Night” (H&B Night). Based on Revelation 5:8, harp symbolizes praise and worship and bowl symbolizes prayers of God’s holy people that are lifted up to heaven’s throne. We believe that prayer, praise and worship that we lift up will fill the atmosphere of the city and nation (Psalm 22:3) so that in God’s timing, America and even other nations will experience the Lord’s visitation.

H&B Night service is filled with prayer, praise, worship and the declaration of God’s Word. We enter into intimacy with the Lord, pray for one another, as well as for America and other nations. Aside from that, we also celebrate God’s greatness through praise. The pattern of H&B has also blessed many nations during IBC’s ministry to other nations; for example: among the Filipinos, Japanese, Sri Lankans, Indians, Hispanics, and Americans.

March 2016 marked the 115th H&B service. We will continue to do this faithfully until America experiences the Lord’s visitation. Come and join the IBC H&B Night service held Saturdays once a month, and experience the Lord’s visitation with us. God bless.