Our vision statement:

We are spirit-filled and true worshiper church fulfilling the call as a light to the nations by becoming disciples who impact communities.

Our mission statement:

Preparing the congregation to be the disciples of Christ that becoming as a light to the Gentiles through spiritual journey lead by the Holy Spirit.

Our history:

On December 26, 1996, Pastor Raymond Pranoto was sent to the Washington DC area by Dr. Niko Njotorahardjo, the senior pastor of Bethel Indonesian Church Gatot Subroto, to plant its first church in America.  On May 17, 1997, this new church was made official by Dr. Niko Njotorahardjo by naming it International Bethel Church Bethany.  On the same day, Pastor Raymond Pranoto was ordained as the pastor of IBC Bethany.  With the initial vision of Isaiah 56:7 (For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations), IBC Bethany started to open up church branches in various cities across the United States, including Washington DC, Rockville MD, Baltimore MD, Scranton PA, Harrisburg PA, Houston TX, Dallas TX, and other cities.

During the first season which took place during 1997-2005, besides opening up church branches, IBC Bethany also started to open up cell groups which are called Family Altar.  Prayer walk was also done in cities (this is done up to now and it has even reached other nations).  In 2000, a prayer tower was established in the business district of downtown Washington DC.  At the prayer tower, the congregation is able to pray together for the city and the nation.  In 2003, IBC Bethany affiliated with Church of God from Cleveland, Tennessee in order to be able to collaborate together and become a blessing for America.

The second season took place during 2006-2011.  In 2006, the Lord gave the church its new name, which is International Bethany Community Church (IBC Church).  A new vision was also given which is found in Isaiah 49:6.  The Lord wants IBC to become a light for nations, but first He wanted IBC to be a light for the community around them.  To respond to this vision, IBC started English Sunday services.  The Lord also started to entrust IBC with nations by establishing IBC in Mozambique, Africa.  An outreach for the nation of Nepal was also started in one of IBC’s church branches in Scranton, PA.  In 2008, Indonesian Ministry Church of God (IM COG), which is the association of Indonesian churches in America, was established under the Church of God denomination.  IM COG was made official by Dr. Niko Njotorahardjo and Dr. Dennis Mc.Guire, as the General Overseer of COG.  Pastor Raymond Pranoto was appointed as the coordinator for IM COG.  IM COG is made up of 13 IBC churches located in Washington DC, Rockville MD, Baltimore MD, Scranton PA, Harrisburg PA, Houston TX, Dallas TX, Denver CO, Portland OR, Seattle WA, San Bernardino CA, Santa Monica CA, and Walnut CA.  In this second season, IBC started to bless Israel.  They made trips to the promise land through “Bless Israel”.  Also, since 2006, IBC has faithfully held “Harp and Bowl Night” (H&B Night) on a monthly basis, which is pray, praise, and worship for the city and nation.  March 2016 marked the 115th H&B service.  In this season, the Lord also reminded IBC to pay closer attention to the young generation and the children because God is going to use them for the harvest of nations.

Starting from 2012 up to now, IBC has entered into the third season.  Still having the same vision, which is to become a light for nations, the Lord has brought IBC to become a blessing for nations through The Prayer Tower Movement.  It started with the Prayer Tower Movement Conference held in 2012 and 2013 for COG churches located in four states: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.  And then the existing prayer tower was made official as DC Prayer Tower, operating daily, and is open to all body members of Christ. As of today, DC Prayer Tower has networked with various prayer organizations in the Washington DC area and in nations. IBC then started to go to different nations to do training on prayer tower.  They travelled to Japan, Sri Lanka and India.  They also did training in the Philippines and Hispanic community.  As a result of these trainings, prayer towers have been established in Colombo, Sri Lanka; Hyderabad, India; Sydney, Australia; Yokohama, Japan; San Bernardino, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.  Besides being a light to the nations, IBC continues to do evangelism ministries in the community, such as ministering to the homeless people, nursing homes, orphanage homes, Chinese communities, and poor communities.

In the future IBC Church hopes to continue to do God’s calling to become a light for nations, build the prayer towers, and harvest many souls for Him.