Seek After Righteousness

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.Matius 5:6

 Jesus connects the words “hunger” and “thirst” together to show us that “righteousness” is something we need throughout our lives. Just like how we need water and food, our spiritual life depend on righteousness. Not only do we need hunger and thirst to know righteousness, more than that we also need the desire to do it.

God’s righteousness includes all the things God has. Among them are His anointing, guidanes, blessing, will, and kingdom.

We will learn from three characters from the Bible. The first is Elisha. Elisha was so hungry and thirsty after God’s anointing that he refused to leave Elijah until he gets Elijah’s mantle, 2 Kings 2:1-14. We must live like Elisha who continuously seeks after God’s will for his life until God reveals His plan through revelation and guidance.

The next is Jacob. Jacob really wanted God’s blessing and guidance until he wrestled with the angels to get them, Genesis 32:22-32. The Lord promises those who are thirsty and hungry after His guidance that they will receive it. But many people stop trying when they face a challenge. We should be like Jacob who persevered until he had to wrestle to receive God’s blessing. We also need this kind of attitude.

The third is Caleb. When he was 85 years old, while many would choose to retire, he said: “Give me the mountain!” he battled Hebron and inherited it, Joshua 14:6-15. When we first became believers, we were so excited to praise the Lord, pray, serve and seek after God’s righteousness. But as time passes by, many start to lose the passion and see everything as a routine. They don’t seek to go to a deeper spiritual level. We must be like Caleb. The older we get, the deeper spiritual level we must have and we must not grow faint in having the desire to seek after His righteousness.

Let these three characters from the Bible be examples for us to always have the hunger and thirst after God’s righteousness. Chase after God’s righteousness like Elisha until you get it. Have perseverance like Jacob and be selfless. Stay excited and on fire for the Lord as we chase after His righteousness like Caleb. Blessed are those who always have the desire for His righteousness because He will satisfy us. God bless.

Taken from : GBI Gatot Subroto article, Jakarta