Resurrection Power

Today, we are celebrating Passover with a heart full of joy because Passover is a very important celebration in the life of Christians. Each time we celebrate it, we celebrate the Lord Jesus’ great victory over the devil and his kingdom, we celebrate the Father’s great love, and we also celebrate the awesome power of the Holy Spirit which resurrected Jesus from His death.

The Lord’s message as we enter the month of Match is “Be Strong and Courageous.” The worsening condition of the world these days greatly impact the lives of people, including believers. The life we go through seems like it is becoming more difficult. And sometimes, struggles will shift our focus as believers. It will no longer be on the Lord, the kingdom of God or the harvest of souls, but instead it will be on ourselves. Often times, we forget His calling and our purpose in this world.

Therefore, the Lord gives us this message: let us be strong and courageous as we face the world and fulfill God’s calling in this life. On this Passover day, the Lord will equip us again with the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit. This power is so great because it is able to resurrect Jesus from His death. When this power is within us, we will become strong, our spirit will rise up and our lives will be full of passion again. We will experience victory after victory in everything we encounter in this world. Romans 8:37 will be our part, “yet in all these things we are more than conquerors…”

When the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit fills us, nothing can defeat us – whether it is the devil, the world or any kind of temptation. It is because the spirit within us is greater than any spirit in the world, 1 John 4:4. The Lord Jesus has defeated the devil once and for all, and that victory has been given to us. Therefore, rise up with the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit. Defeat every principality because His Word says nothing shall by any means hurt us, Luke 10:19. No weapon of the devil formed against us shall prosper, Isaiah 54:17.

Truly expect and ask the Lord for the outpouring of the resurrection power of His Holy Spirit. Our spirit will rise up and our lives will be full of passion again. There is an important calling of God we must fulfill these days, which is the last harvest that is happening across the world. The Lord desires for us to take part in it. Rise up and start being a light so that nations will come to the Lord.

Happy Passover 2018, receive the resurrection power, the Lord Jesus bless you.

Pastors Raymond & Juliet Pranoto