Peace be with you

John 20 : 19 : Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them, “Peace be with you.””

We just finished celebrating Passover, where we also celebrate the ressurrection of Jesus from death. We celebrate His victory from death, sins and evil.

After Jesus rose from His death, he did not immediately return to heaven, but for 40 days he still resides in the face of this earth. What made Him stayed in earth for 40 days? It seems God longed to restore the heart of His disciples. Because at the time of the death of Jesus Christ, His disciples have become disappointed, their faith was shaken and they live in fears. Imagine during the time like that Jesus left them, His desciples will never rise up and become apostles who preach the gospel throughout the world.

Three days after Jesus death’s that was on Sunday night, God disciples’ gathered in one place with the door shut tight. Why? Because they were very afraid with the Jews who will capture them because of they are Christ’s follower. However at a sudden Jesus came and stood in their midst and said “Peace be with you“.

God give His peace that supersedes all minds to comfort His disciples who were afraid. God restored their heart. All the feeling of fear that fills His disciples hearts were replaced with true love and perfect peace. Jesus as a King of peace visited His disciples in a special way and raised their faith. God true love was poured out to His disciples and eliminates all their fear, 1 john 4:18.

God love His disciples very much in fact all of us as His children. He promise that He never forsaken and leave us. His grace and his peace will always be with us even until the end of time.  This one assurance will strengthen us as His children who live at end of time. Praise God.

After God restored His disciples, He ascended to heaven and left them. However God did not leave them alone, God has equipped them with the power of the His Holy Spirit, so that His disciples are able to preach the gospel and shake the world with His gospel of love.

Bretheren, pray so nowadays God also restored us so that we also ready to receive the flame of His Holy Spirit on the day of the Pentacost and ready to shake the world around us with His gospel of love. Amen!

                                                                                                                                 Ps. Juliet Pranoto