Complete Recovery

Joel 2:25 ”So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten,…”

It is time we move from recovery to full recovery where Jesus has in store for us who believe. Through the work of the cross of Jesus, not just sin and sickness we were redeemed, but Jesus has restored all areas of our lives.

God’s word, the above verse states the conditions of the great crisis that struck the entire land of Israel. The whole area and vegetation destroyed and the people facing great famine. But thanks be to God, the Lord restore them back. So with us today, Jesus Christ died on the cross in our place of humanity and has redeemed the entire curse of sin and turned them into a blessing for those who believe in Him.

Today the people of God may not really experienced a plague of locusts, but may be burdened by the huge difficulties, sickness, economic crisis, a crisis of relationships, both with our Father in Heaven and with each other and other crises. But there’s a joy for us who believe in Jesus Christ, that Jesus longs to restore all that has been broken back to the perfection of the whole and that we are worthy of His promises.

When the Lord restored the state of Zion, where we are like those who dream, our mouth filled with laughter and our tongue with shouts of joy. At that time people said among the nations: The Lord has done great things for us, and then we rejoice (Ps. 126: 1-3). When the recovery happens, our situation is better than before restored, and it will be more perfect because God did a complete recovery. The purpose of this recovery than for us to be conformed to His image, and the people around us will see that indeed God is in our midst and has done great things for us so that our lives will be a witness to others and bring them to come to God.

Our Lord never tired to help us and restore our circumstances, both past, present and future. He was never tired of working to produce something beautiful for our lives. When we ask with a repentant heart for God’s power to restore and redeem us, God will help us so that we can say with confidence that with Christ we have a future filled with hope.

Experience the remarkable recovery, surrender our lives completely to God, let God shape our lives to become beautiful and bring glory to Christ. God bless you.

Publishing Team – IBC Church



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