JEHOVAH RAPHA / Lord My Healer

Daily Verses: Isaiah 53 : 4-5, Matthew 8 : 16-17

Key Verses : Exodus 15 : 26b : …For I am the Lord who heals you

Today are going to learn the second name by which our God is called and that is Jehovah Rapha, which means He is the God that heals. Through Jesus’ stripes, we’re healed and freed from the bondage of sickness. We have to believe in the work of the Cross and that all illnesses have been bore on the cross and through His stripes we are healed. We have to train our faith to put our hope only on the cross and start declaring the Word of God that is about healing. Do not be easily swayed but keep on believing and declaring His Word until the healing becomes a part of us.

Healing is a gift and it is not something we earn through our effort. As long as we believe, it will be a part of us forever.

Daily Action :
If I’m experiencing a sickness today, I will pray and believe that God has given His healing to me. I will declare His Word and receive it in faith.

Daily Declaration :
Isaiah 53 : 5b : …And by His stripes we are healed.

Daily Prayer :
I will pray for others who are sick. I will also pray for the people in my VIP list whom I’ve planned to invite to the revival service on Thursday.