I READ: Genesis 39:1-6, 20-23, Genesis 41:37-45

As children in the light, our lives are transparent and can be seen by everyone. When we maintain the integrity of our lives, we will set an example for others so that we can win many souls for God. Like Joseph, who always did his work earnestly even though his work seemed meaningless in the eyes of men. Despite his occupation as a servant and jail master, he performed his work wholeheartedly as if he was doing it for God directly, for this reason, his life bears witness to many people. In the end, God gave Joseph the nation of Egypt to rule over and the whole nation came to know God because of the struggles he went through. Will we be the light to the nations? Let us do as Joseph did in his lifetime.

I DECLARE: Colossians 3:23 – And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.

I DO: What action will I take today after meditating on the Word of God?

I PRAY: Pray as guided by the Holy Spirit.