Daily Verses : John 3:16-21

Key Verse : Ephesians 6:17 a: and take the helmet of salvation….

Salvation by believing in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior is a seal that will secured our status as children of the living God. We have moved from the darkness to the light of God and it has been sealed. This seal is a display for the devil to witness that our sins was forgiven (slate wiped clean). Helmet of Salvation is one of the armor of God where its function is to protect our heads from collisions and/or attacks. Hence; our salvation is an important instrument to protect us from devil’s attacks in our lives. Salvation in Christ Jesus helps us to understand the Word of God, consequently when the devil is attacking, we can fight it by declaring God’s Word. By wearing this Helmet of Salvation, we are protecting our thoughts, our body and its entirety by the blood of Jesus that we had received when we were saved. Do not undervalue and take lightly God given salvation. Cherish and hold tightly our salvation because this will protect our body, soul and spirit in these days of evil.

Salvation in Christ Jesus guarantees victory over death and satan.

Daily Action :
I will testify to my family who do not believe in Jesus so that they can be saved.

Daily Declaration :
2 Samuel22:36: You have also given me the shield of Your salvation; Your gentleness has made me great.

Daily Prayer : I will pray and adjure the Holy Spirit to open up opportunities for me to testify at my workplace and to bless others by my words.