Daily Verses : Romans 12 : 11 – 16

Key Verse : Romans 12 : 11 : not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord..

One thing that keeps God’s children from living out His calling and election for their life is that they are not diligent in keeping their spirit fervent. What causes someone to stop being fervent in spirit? The answer is found in Romans 12:11. Allowing our ministry to lag in diligence will open the way for our spirits to die out. These days, carry out everything that the Lord trusts in your life in earnest, whether it is related to your life, ministry, or with evangelism. Do not let the pressures of life allow you to become lax. Do not let go of anything that the Lord has entrusted in your life. Do not leave behind or reduce the ministry that you are taking part in. If your spirit is no longer fervent, then you will see ministry and evangelism as something that isn’t has lost its importance in comparison to your daily needs. 

Do not let your spirit give out, but continue to serve the Lord with excitement until you fulfill God’s calling for you.

Daily Action :
Today I will renew my commitment in my ministry to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to give me strength to carry out the Lord’s calling for my life and to win lost souls.

Daily Declaration :
Luke 12 : 35 : “Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning…”

Daily Prayer :
Today I will pray for the leaders who God has placed above me. Whether they are in my family; workplace, or in my local church, I will bless them through my prayers.