Daily Verses : Psalms 25:12-14

Key Verse : Psalms 25:12 : Who is the man that fears the Lord?  Him shall He teach in the way He chooses

To fear the Lord does not mean that we are afraid of God just as someone who is afraid of being punished.   We can’t see the Lord as someone who is always punishing us when we make mistakes.   To fear the Lord is to have respect and appreciation for Him and to also acknowledge the sovereignty and power of God.  A child who respects and appreciates his/her parents is not going to do things that are disappointing and upsetting to the parents.  This goes the same for people who fear God.  This person is going to live in righteousness, doing things that are good and obeying the Word of God.  This person is going to be held accountable for the things that he/she does before others and God.  Therefore he/she is always going to be careful with what he/she does and say.  Usually individuals who fear God are people who can be trusted because they have good integrity (whatever they say, they do as well).  Those who fear the Lord will experience God’s promises.  They will be given wisdom (Proverbs 9:10), they will be taught in the way He chooses (Psalms 25:12), they will be blessed (Psalms 115:13), and they will be happy (Psalms 112:1).

God loves those who fear Him and He promised to keep them as the apple of His eye

Daily Action :
Today I will test my heart once more to see if I still have that fear of the Lord in my heart.  Do I still have habits and do things that show that I do not fear the Lord?

Daily Declaration :
Job 28:28: Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding.

Daily Prayer:
I’m going to pray so that God would raise up leaders of nations who fear the Lord.