I READ: Romans 1:16-17, Matthew 19:26

Everything becomes possible as a result of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. By His sacrifice, He bore all of our weaknesses, challenges, sicknesses, and curses on the cross. Miracles and successful living are guaranteed for His children who believe and who remain faithful. How do we remain faithful? By focusing on His cross today. Recognize and feel His love. Enjoy His presence and love through praise, worship, and His scriptures. Nothing is impossible for those who believe in God. Through the work of the cross, the devil was defeated. Put great expectation towards miracles and life successes and they shall be done to you. Keep chanting these verses all day, “Nothing is impossible for You”, “Whatever I do will prosper”

I DECLARE: Romans 10:17 – So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

I DO: What action will I take today after meditating on the Word of God?

I PRAY: Pray as guided by the Holy Spirit.