Daily Verses: Acts 1 : 4-14, Psalm 133 : 1-3

Key Verse: Acts 1 : 14 : “They all joined together constantly in prayer…”

These days we are waiting for Pentecost, which is the day where the Holy Spirit was poured out on God’s children. In Joel 2:28-29, God promise says that He will pour out His spirit to all Man until children prophesy, old men dream, and young men see visions. All of the generations will be anointed by God and take part in the great harvest in these times. The purpose is so that all the nations from all generations will be saved. Before Jesus ascended to Heaven, He said to His disciples that He would send to Holy Spirit for them. Since Jesus promised them that, they waited for the pouring of the Holy Spirit. They gathered and prayed together and the Holy spirit was then poured out on the 10th day. Let it be that we do the same thing as Jesus’ disciples. This week we will join together in prayer until the Holy Spirit is poured out unto us.

There is great power when God’s people join together and pray together in unity.

Daily Action :
Starting today I will wholeheartedly pray and prepare myself for Pentecost this week, where the Holy Spirit will be poured out into my life.

Daily Declaration :
Psalm 133 : 1 : How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

Daily Prayer :
I will pray with my family in unity and ask the Holy Spirit to be poured out for our family.