Work Out Your Talents

 “…Then he who had received the five talents went and traded with them, and made another five talents…” Matthew 25:14-30

The Lord Jesus teaches us the importance of preparing ourselves as we approach His second coming. The Bible writes a parable about this – the parable of talents. There was a man who went on a journey to a faraway place. While he is gone, he wants to multiply what he has. He called his servants and trusted them bags of gold to work with. This master knew well of his servants’ abilities to work out what they were given. The same goes with our God; He knows who He will trust, how much of that trust He will give, and whether or not we will be responsible for all of those things.

The servants that were trusted with 5 and 2 talents worked hard to produce the profit that was on par with what they started with. The first and second servant believed that the talents that were given to them were opportunities that need to be utilized while their master is gone. They ultimately received 100 percent in profit.

The third servant did something different. He thought his master was sly and wanted to take advantage of his servants. He refused to work for his master and he returned everything that belonged to his master, which was 1 talent. No more and no less! A person will act according to what he/she thinks. A good person will think good and do good, while an evil person will think evil and do evil. The third servant decided not to multiply the talent. He went to go and hide it.

The Lord Jesus will come back to see if we have been responsible with what He has trusted us with.  This responsibility can mean the talents we have, the matters trusted in our ministry or workplace and etc. When the Lord comes for the second time, we have to give our accountabilty for everything that was given to us. Have we multiplied and created something for God’s glory? The ones that had 5 and 2 talents were given even more responsibilities, and more blessings were added unto them. But as for the servant who was trusted with 1 talent, his talent was taken from him and given to the ones who had mutlipled theirs.

Therefore, we must prepare ourselves approaching the Lord’s second coming by multiplying and working out our talents for His Kingdom. Amen.

Taken from GBI Gatot Subroto, Jakarta article.