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Our mission is to prepare the congregation to be the disciples of Christ, by becoming a light to the Gentiles, through spiritual journey led by the Holy Spirit.


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Be Still!

Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God!” The most difficult thing to do is not working, being active, commenting or speaking, but it is being still. People, in general, cannot truly stay still. Our mind is always active, and even when we are asleep, we often dream. This shows that our mind…

Daily Devotion English


I READ: John 17:20-26, Acts 1:14 Prayer tower is a place of prayer, praise and worships being done in Unity Day and night. It means as children of God, we are to unite in prayer, praise and worship. The Word of God states, His glory causes us to be in unity for by only our…

Daily Devotion Bahasa


RENUNGAN : Yohanes 17 : 20-26, Kisah 1 : 14 Menara doa adalah doa, pujian dan penyembahan yang dilakukan bersama-sama di dalam kesatuan, siang dan malam. Berarti kita anak-anak Tuhan perlu untuk bersatu agar kita dapat melakukan doa, pujian dan penyembahan bersama-sama. Firman Tuhan mengatakan bahwa kemuliaan Tuhanlah yang membuat kita dapat bersatu. Dengan kekuatan…