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Our mission is to prepare the congregation to be the disciples of Christ, by becoming a light to the Gentiles, through spiritual journey led by the Holy Spirit.


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Wealth: is it God’s Grace or Curse?

One temptation Jesus experienced was when the devil brought Him to a high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendors.  If Jesus was willing to bow down to the devil, then all of that wealth was going to be given to Him  (Matthew 4:8-10).  The mindset of the world…

Daily Devotion English


I READ: 2 Timothy 1;2 Timothy 2:1-13 Paul reminded Timothy, his disciple, to always stand strong in preaching the gospel. Paul taught Timothy that in order to be strong, he needed to live in God’s grace, in the love of God and the power of His cross. God’s grace will strengthen Timothy to be bold…

Daily Devotion Bahasa


RENUNGAN:  2 Timotius 1; 2 Timotius 2: 1-13 Paulus mengingatkan Timotius muridnya, pada suratnya yang kedua, untuk terus menjadi kuat di dalam memberitakan injil. Paulus mengajar Timotius bahwa untuk dapat menjadi kuat ia perlu hidup di dalam anugerah Tuhan, di dalam kasih Tuhan dan kuasa salibNya (2 Tim 2: 1). Anugerah Tuhan yang akan memampukan…