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Our mission is to prepare the congregation to be the disciples of Christ, by becoming a light to the Gentiles, through spiritual journey led by the Holy Spirit.


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Rapture of the Church

Rapture is a future event that is prophesied in the Bible – when Jesus returns to take His Church. Rapture is not a one-time event. It has happened in a few instances in the Bible: the rapture of Enoch (Genesis 5:24). Elijah (2 Kings 2:1,11) and the ascension of Jesus to heaven after His resurrection…

Daily Devotion English


I READ: Revelation 2:1-7 The second coming of the Lord is getting closer. We are witnessing the signs of the end times as written in Matthew 24. As a church of God, we need to be watchful because He can come at any time. First and foremost, we have to maintain our first love to…

Daily Devotion Bahasa


RENUNGAN : Wahyu 2 : 1-7 Kedatangan Tuhan sudah sangat singkat. Tanda-tanda jaman yang tertulis di dalam Matius 24 sedang terjadi hari-hari ini. Kita sebagai gereja Tuhan perlu berjaga-jaga, sebab Tuhan akan datang setiap waktu.  Yang pertama dan yang paling penting yang harus kita jaga adalah kasih mula-mula kepada Tuhan, apakah masih tetap menyala di…