Soar High Like The Eagles

Isaiah 40:31:” But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

God’s promise is that when we wait upon the Lord, we will be given new strength and we will be like eagles, able to soar high above the storm.

Eagles cannot automatically soar high. When an eagle was still an eaglet, its parent will destroy the comfortable nest and let the eaglet be cold. At that time, the feathers on the wings of the eaglet will grow to protect its body from the cold weather. After the growth of feathers, there is another process an eaglet must go through to be able to fly like its parent. Its parent will throw its eaglet from a certain height so it can learn how to fly. If the parent sees its eaglet about to fall on the ground, they will spread their wings to lift up their eaglet so it doesn’t fall. This process is done continuously until the eaglet is able to fly by itself.

After the eagle becomes old, it has to go through another process. It needs to look for a high place so it can undergo a process of transformation, the re-growth of feathers, beak and claws that are starting to become blunt. This is the most painful process. This eagle will hit its beak against a hard rock until it falls off so the new beak can grow again. It will also pull out its own claws and feathers that are starting to fall off so that new claws and feathers can grow as well. If this eagle successfully undergoes this painful process, it will become an eagle that can soar high above the storms.

The lesson we can learn from this is the eaglet’s ability to go out from its comfort zone (the warm nest), not discouraged when learning how to fly and believing that its parent will surely take care and give support before falling as it learns how to fly. In addition, we should also learn the great endurance exemplified by the old eagle during its transformation process.

We need to do the same as we wait upon the Lord. We need to be bold in going out from our comfort zone by not holding on to what we think is good, by not being easily discouraged and by believing that the Lord is always there to take care of us and help us at the right time. Don’t run away and rebel when God’s process is taking place in our lives.

If we are willing to flow with the Lord and follow Him wherever He takes us in this process, then we will be like eagles that will soar high above the storm and we will be able to see the glory of God in the midst of it. God bless.

Publishing Team, IBC Church