A Faithful Helper

Psalm 121 : 1-2 : “I will lift up my eyes to the hills—From whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”

In this life, problems come and go, not minding the social status of people. Many people seek for protection and strive to have a safe life, free from all kinds of problems. Being a follower of Jesus does not mean we are free from problems, have a comfortable life, and everything goes smoothly. The problems the Lord allows to happen in our lives will test our faith in Jesus as our faithful Helper.

The psalmist, David, experienced all kinds of difficulties in his life and could not find anyone who could help him, until he found the faithful Helper – the Lord Jesus. He said: “My help comes from the Lord…” Don’t ever look at family, friends or even wealth as our main source of help in this life. Our source is the Lord – the only source that fulfills our physical and spiritual needs. The Lord wants us to always depend on Him in every step of our lives.

As believers living in the end times, we need to continue to learn how to depend fully on the Lord’s help. We have to maintain our faith in the Jesus as our Helper in all things. Often times, waiting for the Lord’s answer is a dangerous time because the world might offer us many ways out. As we wait upon the Lord, we need to believe that the Lord will never leave us. However much time we go through in facing a problem does not affect the Lord’s faithfulness in being with us. He will give us strength to stand strong and see the victory. He will never forsake us and He will never slumber in keeping us (Psalm 121:3).

Believe that the Lord’s protection is real. When we depend on the Lord as our faithful Helper in every struggle of our lives, He will protect us day and night, wherever we are. He will protect us from all evil (Psalm 121:6-7). We are always under the Lord’s protection, guidance and supervision.

Continue to depend on the Lord as our faithful Helper in all things. Fully hope in Him. He will never disappoint us because His promise is yes and amen. We will see the fulfillment of His word to take place in our lives. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus.

 Publishing Team – IBC Church