I READ:  2 Samuel 8.

Constant warfare, being hunted, committed adultery and a complex family relationship were part of King David’s life.  Nevertheless, the bible notes that David is the only biblical figure that is a friend of God and God bestowed victories over him whenever and wherever he went.  What is the key to his victories and God’s favor in his life? The answer is because David underlined his life with pray, praise and worship.  David understood that when he brings sacrifice of prayer, praise and worship to God, God dwelled in that vicinity and in his life.  Furthermore, pray, praise and worship will coerce the devil to flee. When David played his music in front of King Saul, the evil spirit that was lodged in King Saul took flight.   Are you tired of living in defeat and being a victim and not to live according to His will? Start with faithful praying and bring a sacrifice of praise and worship to God, then He will act.  He will take us from one victory to the next victories, from glory to glory.

I DECLARE: Psalm 22:3: But You are holy, Enthroned in the praises of Israel

I DO: I will adopt praise and worship as a lifestyle.

I PRAY: I will pray so that God’s churches in America will be filled with praise and worship, and as a result, God will be enthroned over America.