I READ: Revelation 2: 18 – 29

The church in Thyatira is named as “The Corrupt Church.” Even though this church did a lot of good works, had good faith, and ended up doing more works than when they started, God denounced them because they let sin come in and stay in the church, which caused impurity to happen in their lives (verse 20). They had a high tolerance with sin. A lot of them lived in adultery and idolatry. They also didn’t have the desire to repent from their sins. They thought that the sins that were present were able to be “covered up” by the good works that they did and their faith in God. They played with God’s grace, that God died to pay for their sins, in their lives. God firmly reminded them to repent from all their sins (verse 21-22) and to tightly hold the Kingdom of Heaven that has been trusted unto their lives until Christ’s second coming. Jesus did not take sin as something light or not important. He even died to defeat sin. God is very serious about this. Because of that, He denounces His children who takes sin and its consequences lightly. If we, as His children, play around with sin, that means we don’t respect the gift of redemption that God has given us to us through the Cross.

I DECLARE: 1 John 1: 9: If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

I DO: I will inspect my heart for wrong thoughts, hatred, compromise, etc., and take time to pray and confess all of this to God, so He will cleanse my heart once again.

I PRAY: Today I will pray with my family for our VIP family prayer list.