Daily Verses : 2 Timothy 1 ; 2 Timothy 2 : 1-13

Key Verse : 2 Timothy 2 : 3 : You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

On the second letter, Paul reminded Timothy, his disciple, to always stand strong in preaching the gospel. Paul taught Timothy the necessity to be strong in God’s grace, in the love of God and the power of His cross (2 Tim 2:1). God’s grace will strengthen Timothy to be bold and unashamedly testify about God (2 Timothy 2:8, 12). Timothy was reminded by Paul that sometimes as a soldier of God, in the times where gospel was preached, there will be hardship that we have to endures. What does harship means in this context? In 2 Timothy 2:4, Paul explained that hardship as a soldier of God means to not be selfish and focus ourselves with our own problems. Instead, it means for us to focus more on the will and work of Jesus in our life. Other than being strong, bold, and ready to endure hardship as a soldier of God, Paul also comforts Timothy to always be patient throughout everything. Timothy needs to have patience because the Lord is a faithful God, He will always be with him (2 Timothy 2:10, 13).

Characteristics of God’s soldier are: bold, strong, patient, and doesn’t gives up easily.

Daily Action :
Today, I will respect and appreciate the life that God has entrusted me with. I will rejoice in hope and patient in hardship.

Daily Declaration :
2 Timothy 2 : 1 : You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus

Daily Prayer:
I will lift my prayers as my thankfulness over America at the prayer tower together with my friends in faith.