I READ: Matthew 7 : 24-27

Jesus taught His disciples using the parable above.  He said that those who listen to the word of God and are doers of His word, when the storms come in their lives, they will be able to survive through the storms and even end them with victory.  Their “house” will stand firm and will not be damaged or even collapse.  Heavy struggles in our lives may come at any time, are we strong enough to face them?  Only those who truly live in His word are able to go through these struggles with strong faith.  Those who do not live in His word, their faith will fail in the middle of going through the struggles because they are not holding on to His promise that God will give them victory.  They don’t even believe in His promise because they don’t meditate on God’s promises and as a result they see His promise as something that’s impossible to happen in their lives.

Storms may come at any time, maybe in the form of catastrophes, diseases, wars, losses, etc.  Only those who live in His word are able to pass through the storms triumphantly.

I DECLARE: Psalms 119 : 105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

I DO: I will start to memorize the word of God and recite them because I believe that these words will come to my heart when I’m in need of them.

I PRAY: I will to continue to pray for the people in my VIP list and invite them to come to the Sunday service this week.