I READ: Hebrews 3 : 7 – 19

The sins of Israel that resulted in their failure to enter the Promised Land was their lack of faithfulness, their disobedience, and their lack of faith in the Lord. Even though they witnessed many miracles from the Lord over the span of 40 years, they still did not believe, and they still continued to disobey and rebel against the Lord. Rather than giving thanks every time God helped them, the Israelites began to go against God and became unfaithful to Him more and more. In fact, many of them apostatized and turned away from the Lord in order to worship false idols. Today, we will examine our hearts as to whether or not we are still faithful the Lord who has saved us and who loves us, and as to whether or not there are any other idols in our lives – that is, anything that we value more than God. May we continue to be on guard to remain faithful to Him and to always give thanks for whatever is happening in our lives until His second coming.

I DECLARE: Psalm 37 : 3 : Trust in the Lord, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.

I DO: Today I will pray and surrender my life to the Lord. I will promise to always be faithful to God’s guidance. I will ask the Holy Spirit to enable me.

I PRAY: I will pray for people who I know who are currently facing heavy struggles in their lives.