I READ: James 2:14-26.

An example of faith working with one’s actions can be found from the story of the widow in Zarephath. God commanded Elijah to visit the widow in Zarephath. When Elijah arrived at the house, he asked the widow to prepare him bread, but the widow only had a handful of flour left and a little cooking oil left. However, Elijah told the widow that there will always be flour and olive oil left in her containers and she shouldn’t worry. The widow believed Elijah and because of her faith, she was able to make bread for Elijah, her son, and herself. From there, her life was always taken care of because she never ran out of flour and oil, which are used to make bread. Often, we say that we have faith, but our actions do not reflect that. Because of this, miracles do not happen in our lives. An example of this is if we believe that God will supply all of our needs, but we work every day, which includes the day we are supposed to go to church because we are afraid of lacking. Also, we might say negative things that will go against our faith. The Word of God states that faith without action is dead. We have to believe that sooner or later, our actions that are accompanied by our faith will result in a miracle.

I DECLARE:  James 2:26: For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

I DO:  I believe I will experience a ridiculous miracle this year and my faith will not be shaken with the things that are going on around me.

I PRAY: I will pray so that children of God can experience miracles and get their prayers answered in this year