Daily Verses : Romans 12 : 17-21

Key Verse : Romans 12 : 17 : Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone.

Jesus Christ is the main role model for us. He will always give us good examples that, as His followers, we should also try to do. Today we will learn how Jesus faced all of the men who hated Him. He did not fight the evil actions of the people who disliked Him with evil, but instead He returned it with good. An example is what He did to Judas, His disciple who betrayed Him. Jesus washed his feet just as He washed the feet of all His other disciples. He did not differentiate His actions towards Judas; He treated him the same as the other disciples. Jesus hates sin, yet He loves the people who have sinned. Jesus’ goodness in responding to Judas’ evil created unity among His disciples. If Jesus scolded and punished Judas at that time, there would surely be disunity between the disciples. There would be some who would be on Jesus’ side and some who would be on Judas’ side, because at that time Judas’ evil was not apparent to the other disciples. Jesus guarded the unity between all of them so they would be strong in facing the great distress that would fall upon them when He was crucified.

Overcome evil with good. Then, good will reveal itself like a light, and unity will come and bring forth miracles.

Daily Action :

If there are people these days that do evil things to me, I will pray for them and forgive them because I believe that God will support me.

Daily Declaration :

Romans 12 : 21 : Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Daily Prayer:

I will pray and ask the Holy Spirit to open up opportunities for me to testify to the people on my VIP prayer list and give words of blessings to those whom I meet today.



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