I READ: Matthew 7 : 24 – 27

In order for us to continue keeping watch, it is important that we no longer live in sin or compromise. There are many examples in the bible of bible characters whose lives were full of compromise so that by the end of their lives, they were not able to experience the blessing of God. One example of this is from the life of King Saul, who sought after the help of a medium rather than the face of God after facing a major struggle in his life. A similar case occurs with Samson, a servant of God who did not seek a wife according to God’s will, but rather, sought a wife from among a nation that did not know the Lord. Another example is Judas, who served as the Treasurer for the Lord Jesus Christ, but who was dishonest in managing the money he was in charge of. If we know the word of God but do not do it, then we are compromisers. In the book of Matthew, Jesus likens compromisers to a man who builds his house on the sand. Sand represents a foundation or base of a house that is too weak to support a house that is hit by the winds and floods of a storm. If we do not do God’s word, then we will become careless when the Lord comes to receive His church. We will be just like the 5 unwise virgins who missed the opportunity to welcome the coming of the Lord.

I DECLARE: Psalm 26 : 3 : For Your lovingkindness is before my eyes, and I have walked in Your truth.

I DO: As a child of God, I will learn how to live without compromise. I will carry out God’s word and will not violate it. I will pray that God’s grace and the Holy Spirit will enable me at all times.

I PRAY: I will pray together with my family and ask the Holy Spirit to continually fill us so that we may always be ready to welcome the second coming of the Lord.