I READ: Psalm 119:159-168

When we read a letter or email from someone whom we love, we will surely read it with care. However, if it’s from someone we don’t know, we won’t read it with as much attention. This also applies when we read God’s Word. If we read God’s Word because we are Christians and it’s an obligation to read the Bible, we will not receive anything from what we read. Instead, what we read will just be a combination of words that do not have meaning or power in it. Yet, if we read the Bible as a love letter from God, we will read it with desire, we will meditate on it, and we will even start speaking it and living it out in our lives. God’s Word will become powerful for us; it will comfort us, give us guidance, and give us victory. We need to have a heart that longs for His Word, and we need to have a need for His Word to become a guidance for our lives. This will make us able to be faithful and consistent in reading God’s Word.

I DECLARE: Psalm 119 : 167 : I obey your statutes,  for I love them greatly.

I DO: Today I will inspect my heart and ask myself this question: “When I read the bible, am I just reading it as a routine, or am I reading it with a genuine desire for God’s Word?”

I PRAY: I will keep praying for my VIP prayer list and put my hands on their names while praying for them. I will do this until they are anointed by God.