The Meaning of God’s Presence

The presence of the Lord is the refuge for the righteous. These are some examples from the Old Testament. During Noah’s time, Noah was a righteous man; he was blameless and walked with God. He, along with his wife, children, and in-laws, was protected from the flood.

During Jacob’s escape from Esau to Beth-El, Jacob had a dream and felt a great presence of God over him. When he woke up, he said, “… truly God is in this place.” God revealed His presence to Jacob as a proof of His guidance and protection.

God’s presence is essential for the Israelites in the desert. Moses refused to go if God’s presence did not go with him. He was aware that God’s presence is His protection. The pillars of cloud and pillars of fire symbolized God’s presence. Wherever the pillars moved, the Israelites followed. Here, we can see that when God’s presence is revealed, His glory will shine.

 The following are examples of God’s presence in the New Testament. The revelation of God’s presence in the midst of His people was evident through Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit that dwells in the lives of believers is also a form of His presence.

God’s protection was very real when the disciples were hit by the storm in the Sea of Galilee. They started to panic when the water entered their boat and they almost drowned. Jesus was with them although he was fast asleep. When they were in a critical situation, they woke Jesus up and asked Him for help. Only by His Word, Jesus said, “Be still!” The wind and the sea then became calm.

It is important to desire for God’s presence in our lives. But, to let God work fully and take control over our lives, is more important. Do not wait until we are almost drowned. It is better to ask God to lead our lives from the start before it is too late. His presence and works will protect us! When we respond to God’s guidance correctly, it will result in victory.

The church must be able to reveal God’s presence through the Holy Spirit that dwells in the midst of His people. The purpose of the Church is to show the glory of God in this world. God is the one who has chosen us to become His, with the purpose to reveal His presence in the history of mankind. This is how we should respond to our purpose as a Church. Let us start to reveal God’s presence wherever we go. God bless.

Source: Article from GBI Gatot Subroto, Jakarta