Living with The Power of God

1 Corinthians 4:20: “For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power”.

As children of God, it is fitting for the values ​​of the Kingdom of God to remain in our hearts.  A person who has and puts into practice the values​​ of the kingdom of God will live in the power of God.  What does the word power mean?

The word power is taken from the Greek word “Dunamis”, which means authority, strength or ability to do great things and even perform miracles.  From the word “Dunamis” comes the word dynamite, which means extraordinary explosive power.

So, the meaning of The Power of God is God’s extraordinary ability to do great things.  If we live and walk in the laws of the Kingdom of God, which is His Word, then we will live and walk in the Power of God.

In fact, every believer can maximize the power of God in their life.  So why are there so many Christians who are unable to maximize the power of God in their lives?  One reason is that he/she does not dwell in the Word of God.  They are not living in accordance with the truth of God’s Word but living based on human wisdom and the rules made by this world that often conflict with God’s Word. The other reason is, they are still living in sin. God’s power cannot work if someone is still living in sin because God’s holiness cannot walk parallel to sin.  Even the devil will not be afraid of a child of God whose life is still up and down in sin. Remember the story of Sceva’s sons who cast out demons (Acts 19: 13-20). Sceva’s children were living in sin and practice occultism (shamanism, incantations).  One time they used the name of Jesus to drive away those possessed by demons.  Satan said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but you, who are you?” The power of the name Jesus could not work so the demons prevailed and they were overpowered by those possessed by demons.

So, as God’s children, to maximize the power of God in our lives, we must live in God’s Word and not live in sin.  One will have the ability to create through his word and life when one has in him the full power of God. One will also have God’s anointing that can change a situation and change someone’s life.

In these end times, the manifestation of God’s power through the lives of His children is needed for harvesting souls and bringing the kingdom of God to the world.  Amen Jesus bless you.


Source: hs/Publishing Team IBC Church