Happy 20th Anniversary, IBC Church

Isaiah 49 : 6 : “….. I will also give You as a light to the Gentiles, that You should be My salvation to the ends of the earth.”

 Exactly on May 17th, IBC reached its 20-year anniversary. Before we know it, time has quickly passed and we have gone through 20 years with the Lord. Throughout the years, He had always taken care of us and done many amazing works in the midst of us.

Today at the same time of Pentecost Day, where the Holy Spirit will be poured out so greatly, let us together give thanks to the Lord for all of His goodness and glory that is endlessly revealed in IBC Church. The Lord has entrusted us and will continue to entrust us with America and other nations. IBC Church will continue to take part in the harvest of the end times that is taking place across the world. This matches with the vision God has given us, which was taken from Isaiah 49:6 – that God will make us a light and blessing for all nations, and we will bring nations to God’s salvation.

Through our church’s DNA – prayer, praise and worship – we are blessing the nations. God has established a prayer tower in the midst of us, which is the DC Prayer Tower. And through this, we are lifting up prayer, praise and worship for America and all the other nations. God has also entrusted us to build more prayer towers in other nations, plant and cover more churches in those places.

Harp & Bowl Night is also another tool our church uses to bless the nations. Harp and Bowl night is a night of prayer, praise and worship that is held once a month. For more than 10 years, we have faithfully done this and we will continue to be faithful, as God desires.

The Lord’s message these days in order for us to be able to go through the years ahead is to be disciples and army of God. To welcome the Lord’s second coming, we are asked to His disciples because only His disciples are able to welcome His coming, Acts 1:11.

Jesus’ disciples are like God’s children who are willing to be taught by Him. Therefore, set aside some time for the Lord often these days and study His Word. Do this faithfully during devotion time. Use the “Daily Word” the church has provided. The Lord will teach us through His Word. Also, set aside some time to worship together in Sunday Services and LIGHT cell group. There, we will be able to study His Word and be discipled together.

Other than being disciples, the Lord also wants us to be His army. Be strong in the Lord always, Ephesians 6:10. The purpose is so that we can be on guard and experience victory until Jesus comes to take us.

Finally, let us prepare our hearts seriously for Pentecost Day so that we can receive the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Expect with a great thirst for the Holy Spirit to touch us amazingly.

Happy Pentecost and Happy Anniversary to all of us. God bless!

                                                                                                             Pastors Raymond & Juliet Pranoto