God’s Work

Philippians 1: 6: “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”.

Agostino D ‘Antonio, a sculptor from Florence, looked at the marble that stood before him in despair.  He said, “There is nothing I can do with this raw material”.  Another sculptor said the same thing, so the stone laid there for 40 years on scattered trash.

One day Michelangelo saw the stone and realized that this stone has great potential.  He patiently began to carve the stone and the longer he carved, the stone, which was initially formless, started to form a clearer shape.  It took a long time and finally a great work was formed which was admired by the whole world.  The work that Michelangelo created was the statue of King David.  So, the key to the creation of the great work lies not in the stone, but on the one who handles the stone.

Before we laid out trust in Jesus, we were like that formless stone but after trusting Jesus, we surrender lives in God’s hands.  In God’s hands, our lives can be shaped into extraordinary works.  He is not only the Creator of the universe but also an Architect who is skilled in shaping human life.  God will continue His work until His church is formed into the bride of Christ who is blameless.

The Lord God said to Jeremiah, “If the vessel, which the potter was making out of clay gets damaged, then the potter works on it again, shaping it as seemed best to him (Jeremiah 18: 4).  Our God is a potter who will never get tired of forming and reshaping a broken clay; hence, the clay is all of us.

Although we were broken, try counting the number of times God has shaped our lives.  How many times does God patch back the broken parts of our lives?  He never got tired of doing it, because He loves us all.  He never got tired of forming and loving us until we become beautiful in His sight.

Let’s entrust our lives to the Carver above all Carvers, namely our Lord Jesus Christ.  He will shape us so that we become noble and stand tall.  As citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, let’s offer our lives as vessels that can be used for the glory of God’s name.  Jesus bless you.

Source: hs/Publishing Team, IBC Church