Becoming Salt of The World

Matthew 5:13: ““You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.

 The Lord does not ask for His children to be the sugar or tart of this world, but instead the salt. Food without any sweetness or sourness still has a taste. But, food without salt will be flavorless.

Salt has a lot of uses, among them are – it can be used as preservatives, to clean or purify, to heal, and also to flavor food. Because salt has many functions, God wants His children to also have many functions.

2017 is the year where we will see blessings and shakings happening at the same time. We believe that blessings will follow those whose lives are near God. But, we can’t deny that we feel the impact of the shakings that are happening in the world these days. That is why it is so important for God’s children to rise up and be the salt of the world in the midst of the shakings that are happening.

How can we be the salt of the world? First, it is through our love. God’s children must have hearts that are filled with love. We must be able to love everyone, even those who are not good. The Word of God says that without love, we will become a clanging cymbal. Not only to love, the Lord also wants us to bless those who persecute us, Romans 12:14. When our hearts are filled with love, automatically the people around us will feel the impact of that love.

Other than love, someone can be the salt of the world through Christ’s characters they posses. Some examples are being patient, generous, unselfish, humble/not arrogant, not keeping record of wrongs, not easily angered, and not jealous. Someone who has the characters of Christ will be loved by many people and his/her life will be a good example for others.

Another important thing is to have a life in accordance to God’s commands. Some examples of God’s commands are: to live in holiness, to not steal, to not lie, to not do evil, to not want bad things to happen to others, to submit to authority and etc.

Looking at the criteria above, it is not easy to be the salt of this world. Let us pray so that the Holy Spirit can help us to have love, Christ’ characters and the ability to live according to God’s commands so that we can “season” the world that is becoming more evil. God bless.

hs/Publishing Team, IBC Church