Abide In The Word

John 15:7 : “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.”

 The word “living” is very important. When Jesus tells us to obey His commandments and keep His words, He not only told us to follow a series of purely religious rules, but Jesus told us to allow His Word which is living to life in us.

In the final days of the end of this age, the state of the world is evil, the devil is working hard to deceive and strike down the children of God. It is appropriate we are aware of circumstances around us, and pay attention on how we live, moreover we are in a great spiritual battle, it is easy for us to become weak and tired and most likely the devil can work his deceit to divert our focus to the work of the Lord.

God’s message above reminds us to take time to reflect on His Word, filling our minds and mouth with the Word, and let His Word guide our every action. Living in Jesus also makes us able to maintain that God’s salvation has been given to us, because once we become complacent and try to live this life on our own, make our own decisions that’s when we go out to live in HIM and instead the impostor and deceiver comes give offerings to tempt us. As the branch can only live when he was attached to the vine, so are the believers only have life as long as he stay in Christ.

Abide in Jesus and His Word is also the secret of answered prayer, because the closer we live with Christ by contemplating and studying the Bible, the more our prayers in harmony with the will of God, so that our prayers will be more effective. When we abide in Christ through His word is sure as believers we too might live in an atmosphere of love of Christ.

So now always guard the Word of God in our hearts and minds and make it as guides to our lives and obey His commandments. Make an important decision today to live in Christ who will lead us to victory and lead us into the Promised Land which God has provided for believers. God bless you.

            Publishing Team – IBC Church