Families nowadays face many more struggles compared to two or three decades ago. Worldly spirit has gotten stronger, success is only measured by material, and there are so many different phenomena such as LGBT.  The advancement in technology, if not used correctly, can even destroy families.  Every couple who enters into a marriage wants to experience a strong and happy marriage.  But the reality is that many families are weak, and even broken.  A strong family does not mean that it does not have any problems, but with the grace of God, it can conquer all problems, and even come out like conquerors.

To have a strong family, first, the husband and wife must love the Lord Jesus so that they both can be doers of the word of God.  The Lord provides us with two types of illustration on the foundation of homes, one that’s built on top of the rock and the other on top of the sand.  Those who listen to the word of God and are doors are like those who build their houses on the rock.  When the storm comes, the house remains strong.  Different from those who build their homes on top of the sand – those who listen to the word of God but are not doers.  When the storm comes, the house will be destroyed (Matthew 7:24-27).  Building a family on top of the truth of the Word can be done by building a family altar.  Husbands and wives with their children determine a time where they can together worship, pray, and praise the Lord, and also read the Bible.

Second, families must have the same vision. Having the same vision determines to have the same goal in life.  When the whole family has the same vision, then they can work together to reach that vision.  Every member of the family has different talents and potential and when they’re used together, it can produce great things.  If each family member has different visions, then as a family, they cannot be a strong one.  They cannot understand each other’s vision.

Third, families must have quality time together to talk about different things, starting from the very smallest to the biggest.  But over time, often there is no more quality time. That is why the quality time has to be planned, for example: plan on having dinner together or travel together.

A strong family has unity.  Disappointments and heartaches may happen but members of a strong family can forgive one another and unite.  A strong family is going to be thankful for every situation.  No matter what happens, a strong family is always going to look at everything through spiritual glasses. A strong family is also going to fulfill its divine purpose.  The Lord has a specific purpose for each family.  In general, it is to build the kingdom of God and to tell the world on the values of truth.  Families are the Lord’s partners.  Therefore, be a happy and strong family in the Lord.  God bless you.


Source: GBI Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Bulletin