I READ: Romans 10: 8-10, 17

Why do we need to declare God’s word? The answer is that when we declare it, our ears will hear the word of God, and it will bring up our faith (verses 8 and 10). When our faith has risen, miracles and victory we will experience. Don’t be shy of declaring God’s word and bless your life with it because what we declare will happen. There is power in our words. We will keep practicing declaring God’s until it becomes a lifestyle for us. If these days our faith is weak, let us strengthen it by declaring God’s word. Remember once again His promises that are in His word and start by declaring it one by one for our lives. Believe that we are victorious people. By continuously declaring God’s word, our lives go from victory to victory.

I DECLARE: Romans 10: 8: But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart”

I DO: I will declare and practice intimacy with God every day by praying and worshiping Him and by reading His word and declaring it.

I PRAY: I will go into prayer fasting, pray a lot in the Spirit, go into spiritual warfare, declare, and pray for my school, workplace, and family.