Daily Verses : Joshua 5 : 1-9

Key verse : Joshua 5 : 9 : Then the Lord said to Joshua, “This day I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.” Therefore the name of the place is called Gilgal to this day.

The parting of the Jordan river and the collapse of the wall of Jericho are great miracles that proved God’s defense over the nation of Israel. But, these great events happened after the Israelites agreed on a commitment to sanctify themselves from their old life that was full of sins and compromise, to a new life- truly devoting themselves to God. Sanctification is symbolized by their circumcision in Gilgal.Through this action, the Israelites made a new commitment to live a pleasing and holy life for God and do all of His commandments. After they sanctified themselves, they received a new anointing from the Holy Spirit. As Jesus’ disciples, we also need to have a commitment to live a holy life by guarding our heart, mind, words, body and soul so that we are not contaminated by this world, 1 Peter 1:14-15. If we obey this, the anointing of the Holy Spirit will be poured out abundantly over us and we will do miraculous works with the Lord.

We can only receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit through sanctifying our lives first.

Daily Action :
Today I will pray and ask the Holy Spirit to sanctify my life and I will pray in the Spirit

Daily Declaration :
1 Peter 1 : 16 : because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.”

Daily Prayer :
Today I will go to the prayer tower and pray for America so that America can also experience God’s miracle