Daily Verses : Lamentations 2 : 18:19, Isaiah 62 : 6-7

Key Verse : Lamentations 2 : 18 : Their heart cried out to theLord, “O wall of the Daughter of Zion, let the tears run down like a river day and night; Give yourself no relief; Give your eyes no rest

For revival to happen in this nation, we need to lift up our main prayers in the prayer tower, day and night. As church of God, why do we have to pray day and night?
If we look at the two verses above, they both talk about the same thing and that is how the nation of Israel was able to be restored by God after its incredible downfall. There is only one answer and that is in unity, they cried out to the Lord in their prayers day and night until God restored Israel. Do not stay calm and relax until restoration happens.
The same thing is happening with America these days. The condition of this nation is the same as it was in Israel. Currently, the condition in America is not so good, economy recession is happening, unemployment rate is increasing, moral depravity is getting worse, etc. That is why as His church in this nation, we have to do the same thing that the nation of Israel did. We have to pray to God day and night in unity in the prayer tower and ask for America to be stored. Never cease to pray until God touches this nation and until this nation experience a great harvest.

Do not stay calm and do not stop praying until God restores America.

Daily Action :
I will pray so that the Holy Spirit will open up opportunities for me to start to testify to people who are in my VIP List. I will also say words of blessings to every individual that I meet today.

Daily Declaration :
Isaiah 62 : 6 : I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; the LORD, do not keep silent,

Daily Prayer : I am going to pray, praise, and worship
in my family altar because I believe that by doing so, every chains that bind
the people in my VIP List will be released.