I READ: Psalm 34: 1-9, Psalm 22 : 4

In the prayer tower, we need to often lift praise and worship to the Lord. The Word of God in Psalm 22:4(3) says that the Lord is enthroned in our praises. When we lift our praise and worship, the Lord will be enthroned in America. How amazing would it be if we, His children, can build a throne for Him day and night, so that the Lord will continuously be enthroned in this nation. When the Lord is enthroned in this nation, blessings will start to flow over America. Psalm 34 says that the Lord will release this nation from bondages, the Lord will give this nation freedom from its oppression. The Lord will send angels to protect this nation. The Lord’s goodness and blessings will also start to be poured upon this nation. Let us start to praise and worship the Lord in the prayer tower, starting today, for this nation, until the Lord comes down to visit America. Lift up praises of victory, restoration and blessings for this nation.

I DECLARE: Psalm 22: 3 : But You are holy, enthroned in the praises of Israel.

I DO: I will pray so the Holy Spirit may enable me to enlarge my life’s capacity, so I can start to be involved in the prayer tower movement of this city.

I PRAY: I will pray with my family today so that our family continues to be used by the Lord in our calling and election in Him, especially in this prayer tower movement.