I READ: Galatians 5:22, James 5:7-11

In order to enter harvest season, a farmer has to first plow the land, sow, water and fertilize the seeds. After these repeated actions, the seeds do not immediately grow. The farmer needs to be patient waiting until he sees the forerunner plant. After that point, he still needs to wait longer until the plant grows and come to expected fruition. Sometimes the growth of the plant is being halted by heavy rain, storm, and drought. Every so often, a farmer needs to start from scratch before he can reap the expected outcome. Patience is when you are able to refrain oneself and keep hope alive until it yields the desired results. As children of God, we have to be patient in affliction and hope and patient towards others. Abraham waited patiently for a son and he received what God had promised.

I DECLARE: Proverbs 16:32 – He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, And he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.

I DO: What action will I take today after meditating on the Word of God?

I PRAY: Pray as guided by the Holy Spirit.