I READ: Matthew 6:25-34

Often our worries make us “blind” towards other things.  The more we focus on our own problems, the more we can’t see what the Lord has entrusted in our lives.  We won’t have any energy to do the Lord’s work because we’ve wasted our energy in looking for solutions to our problems.  People who are worried can’t live in peace and cannot have joy.  They become people who are selfish because they only think about themselves.  These types of people cannot be used by the Lord in many ways.  Not because He doesn’t want to use those people, but it is because they don’t have the energy to work more for the Lord.  Do we want to be used by the Lord more or do we want to stay worried about our life problems which is not going to add anything to our lives?

I DECLARE: Matthew 5:4 – Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

I DO: What action will I take today after meditating on the Word of God?

I PRAY: Pray as guided by Holy Spirit.