I READ: Numbers 13:17-33.

Moses sent 12 spies, including Caleb, to spy out the land of Canaan. This land has been promised by God to the Israelites. However, 11 of the spies said that the Israelites will not be able to defeat the nations around Canaan because the people are like giants and the land will devour its inhabitants. Out of the 12 spies, Caleb was the only one who said that the Israelites will be able to defeat the giants and settle in Canaan. The words and faith of Caleb enabled the Israelites to be victorious. They were able to enter into Canaan and enjoy the honey and milk. We need to learn something from Caleb. Even though sometimes reality is scary, seems impossible and without hope, we need to lift up our faith and declare miracles. The Word of God states that there is power when we declare using our mouth. If we declare good, positive, and miraculous things, those are the things that we will experience. Do not stop and be bored in declaring miraculous things until you experience the miracle itself.

I DECLARE: Psalm 105:2: “Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him;Talk of all His wondrous works!”

I DO: I will not stop declaring God’s promises until they are all fulfilled.

I PRAY: I will pray and declare healing for my friends and family members who are sick. The purpose is so that they can experience miracles of healing.