I READ: Isaiah 54 : 2-3

According to the verses we read in the book of Isaiah, the Lord desires for us to stretch out and go to the next level in our lives. Although many people, including believers are satisfied with what they already have today. We might not be interested in enlarging the talents that the Lord has given to us because in order to do this we will need to work harder and leave our comfort zone. Leaving our comfort zone is not easy. We will no longer feel comfortable and there will be challenges, but it also requires us to fully surrender to the Lord’s guidance. Life’s comforts can cause us to overlook the Lord’s many blessings. If this is the case, the Lord will be unable to bring us to the next level and will not be able to enlarge our capacity. If we want to experience new things that the Lord has prepared for us, we need to be bold enough to take a leap of faith out of where we are. Only then can we see the Lord’s power work, and then we will be able to enlarge and increase our talents and our faith.

I DECLARE: Isaiah 54 : 3 : “For you shall expand to the right and to the left, And your descendants will inherit the nations, And make the desolate cities inhabited.”

I DO: With Christ, I will boldly step out of my comfort zone, so that I can be used by Him even more.

I PRAY: Pray that God’s children can experience a spiritual awakening and be ready to leave from their comfort zone.