Daily Verses: Exodus 17 : 8-16

Key Verses : Exodus 17 : 15 : And Moses built an altar and called its name, The-LORD-Is-My-Banner

Today we are learning about the Lord’s third name, which is Jehovah Nissi. He is our banner of victory. When the Israelites were attacked by the Amalekites, the Lord was with the Israelites in the war that was led by Joshua. The Lord gave Joshua strength to finish the war with victory. The Lord even promised the Israelites that the Amalekites will never attack them again. Because of that, Moses built an altar and named the Lord as their banner of victory, as well as the Lord who holds the promise that victory will continue to be a part of the Israelites. The same Lord today gives us the same promise, that He will be with us in every struggle and give us strength and victory. He also gives us the promise that once we have the victory, the victory will be eternally ours. The devil cannot rob that from our lives.

The victory that we have is for eternal, not only a one-time.

Daily Action :
I will not let the devil intimidate and accuse me anymore. Starting today, I will learn to live as a someone who is victorious, with the mentality of a winner and always optimistic in all things because the Lord is with me in everything that I do and gives me victory.

Daily Declaration :
Roma 8 : 37 : Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

Daily Prayer :
Today I will lift up my worship to the Lord until I feel His presence and great love. I will also continue to pray for my VIP prayer list, contact them and invite them to the Revival Service tomorrow night.