I READ: Hebrews 6: 11-20

The Lord’s help is never too late. We will receive what He has promised at the right time. When we believe in the Lord, we should be able to patiently wait on His promises. We will not look at our problems, but instead focus more on the Lord. We will not keep count of all of our days that are filled with problems and become overwhelmed, but instead we will worship the Lord and fellowship with Him. Like Abraham, who had no reason to have hope, since he was so old, along with his wife Sarah. It would be impossible for them to have a child, yet because of God’s promise he continued to believe that God would give him a child. And full of patience, he waited on God’s promise. The Lord kept His promise and when the time came, He gave Abraham a son name Isaac. Have faith that is time tested, so that it can produce miracles. Don’t have instant faith because that means that faith did not stand the test of time and only last temporarily.

I DECLARE: Hebrews 6: 11: And we desire that each one of you show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end,

I DO: If I have not reached the end of my problems, I will still believe in the Lord and continue to be patient in responding to the Lord’s promise, while still declaring God’s Word.

I PRAY: I will enter into prayer fasting and pray in the spirit more. I will also enter into prayer warfare and declare and pray for my school, workplace, and my family.