I READ: Matthew 7: 24 – 27

There are many examples of biblical characters that compromised a lot in their lives and were ultimately unable to experience God’s blessings. One example is King Saul’s life; he did not seek the Lord’s face during troubled times but went to a sorcerer instead. Similarly, Samson, who was a servant of God, did not want to look for a partner according to God’s will. Instead, he looked for a wife from a nation that did not believe in God. Another example is Judas; he was Jesus’ treasurer, but he was not honest in managing the money. When we know the Word of God and are not willing to do it, it means that we are compromising. In the book of Matthew, Jesus illustrates this with a parable of a man who built his house on the sand. The sand illustrates a very weak foundation of a house. So, when the rains, winds, and floods come, the house will collapse. When we don’t do His Word, what will happen is not the Lord’s blessings and miracles. Instead, it will be the losses from our mistakes.

I DECLARE: Psalm 26: 3: For Your loving kindness is before my eyes, and I have walked in Your truth.

I DO: As a child of God, I will learn to live without compromise. I will do and obey the Word of God. I will pray so that God’s grace and spirit enable me to do it.

I PRAY: I will faithfully pray for my VIP prayer list (list of people who have not received the Lord) until their lives are touched and saved by the Lord