I READ Matthew 25: 14-30

The parable of the talents talks about a few servants and their master.  A few of the servants were able to use every opportunity given to them wisely, while the others didn’t take good use of the opportunities that were given to them.  The parable of the talents is similar to that of the parable of the Minas, Luke 19.  When the servant who received 5 minas was successful in multiplying it into 10 minas, he received authority over 10 cities from his master. But there was another servant who did not want to use the opportunity given to him.  He did not multiply his minas like the other servants did and therefore he received nothing (he didn’t experience God’s visitation).  What was the secret of the successful servants?  Apparently, they were diligent and faithful with the little things that their masters entrusted them with.  They didn’t underestimate the things that God entrusted them with.  These things may seem small and meaningless, but they still were faithful and diligent in finishing the tasks.  At the end, their masters gave them big tasks/God’s great visitation in their lives.

I DECLARE: Luke 19: 17:  And he said to him, ‘Well done, good servant; because you were faithful in a very little, have authority over ten cities.’

I DO: I am going to be faithful in the little things that God is entrusting me with in my life.

I PRAY: I will do prayer walk at my workplace, my school, or other places that God have placed in my heart so that every place that I walk on will experience revival.