I READ: Psalm 119 : 1-12

Living in this era of the world, it seems very difficult to have a pure life. The bad influence from our workplace, school, environment, or even from the technology and worldly entertainment, provoke us even more to compromise with sin and fleshly desires. So, how can we maintain a pure and holy life in the midst of a world like this? The Psalmist, David, found the answer. We can live a pure life in the midst of a world that is becoming more evil if we commit our lives to the Word of God. Without the Word of God, we will not be strong enough to face all kinds of influence of this world, our fleshly desires, and the devil. The Holy Spirit will give us understanding through the Word of God that we read and meditate on so that the Word teaches us, rebukes our mistakes, corrects our ways, instructs us in righteousness, and changes our lives, 2 Timothy 3 : 16.

I DECLARE: 2 Timothy 3 : 16 : All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness

I DO: If there is a sin of compromise in my life, I will immediately read His Word so that His Word can strengthen me to no longer do that sin.

I PRAY: Today I will pray together with my family in unity and pray for our family’s prayer topics.