The Building of Life

Apostle Paul reveals there is a test for the house we build. In Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus also explains there are two kinds of tests people must face in their lives. First is the test of the foundation. If we only hear the word of God but not do it, it’s as if our house is built on the sand – it does not have a strong foundation. On the other hand, if we hear the Word and do it, it’s as if our house is built on a rock and has a strong foundation

Second is a test of a structure. There are 6 basic materials we must pay attention to as we build our house. The first 3 are gold, silver and precious stones. These things are located underground, hidden and must be dug due to their rarity. Like the parable of the hidden treasure in Matthew 13, we must seek for it in order to find it. Gold and silver increase in value when they go through a process of purity. So, for something to be valuable, it has to go through a process. Precious stones are purified by certain pressures and the end product is often used for the ephod of high priests who serve in the holy tabernacle. The other three materials are wood, chaff, and dry grass. These three things are a lot easier to obtain because they are located on the ground. They also have a value. There is also expensive wood. But, as expensive as wood or grass might be, when they are hit by fire, their values are gone. Is our house built with the first category or second?

Other than tests of foundation and structure, there are 3 more things that are tested from our lives. First is motive. God will test our motive. Sometimes, He allows us to experience rejection, not being recognized or appreciated as we should have been, and we are placed in a long waiting period. Only the first love in Jesus will enable us to overcome every difficulty and make our works to be like gold for the Lord. Second is quality. Quality is the standard of how good or bad something is. If someone has that first love and he/she is on fire serving the Lord, it will be easier for them to do anything for the Lord and give Him the best quality because everything will be done out of their devotion to Him.

Third is method. If someone wants to have the best quality of work, he/she will pay attention to the process, not only the end result. In 2 Samuel 6:8, king David tried to return the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem but the method used to bring the ark of the covenant was not pleasing to the Lord and Uzzah died because he touched it. To know what method the Lord wants, we must consult with Him often, set aside time to pray and read His Word. The Lord Himself will reveal the method He wants us to use.

Let us build our house with ways that are pleasing to the Lord. Amen.

Source: Article from GBI Gatot Subroto, Jakarta