How We Live Our Lives

Psalm 90:12: “So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

In this world, many people spend a lot of money to be healthy and have a long life. However, there are people who are well and healthy but they pass away suddenly. It could be that one day they are here and the next day they are gone because of all kinds of circumstances. People’s lives in this world are actually short compared to eternal life. That is why Psalm 90:12 reminds us to always count of the days the Lord gives us.

As God’s children, our focus should not be on how long we will live, but instead, how we live our lives. Are our lives pleasing the Lord’s heart?

It is unfortunate that many of God’s children actually focus more on worldly matters. For example, chasing after money by working hard, enjoying everything the world offers and using their spare time to do whatever pleases them. The result is that those people will rarely go to church because the church is no longer important and they forget their spiritual activities. Sooner or later, their hearts will grow cold toward the Lord and they ultimately leave Him.

As God’s children, we have to realize that life in this world is short and it is better for us to do things that will benefit us in eternal life. Our focus should be on the things that can impact eternity because that is where we will live forever, not in this world. If we understand this, we will be able to live our lives according to God’s will and build our lives based on the Kingdom of God’s values.

Life-based on kingdom values is a life that is filled with love – love to God and to others. Those who have the kingdom values would try to do good, help others often and they would want their lives to be a blessing for others. In order to have a life that is a blessing or gives a positive impact, the bad characters must go and Christ’s characters must shine brighter.

In this short life, let us sow often and invest in our eternal life in heaven. What we sow in this world will not only be reaped in this world, but also in heaven. Therefore, use each opportunity to sow good and pleasant things for the Lord. God bless.

Source: Publishing Team, IBC Church