I READ: Matthew 6: 33, 2 Timothy 2: 6

God’s calling for His churches in America is big. God longs for a city prayer tower, especially one in Washington D.C, to be rise. Even though this might seem like big and new for us, let us strengthen our heart and believe that God’s grace will allow us to complete this. Let’s try to avoid seeing how big this work is but let us see this as an opportunity and something that God has trusted us with. God has chosen us to do His project and work with Him. While it is true that doing His project/work will require us to make sacrifices, you have to realize that these sacrifices is a sacrifice of praise for God and these sacrifices will please His heart. God has prepared the reward for us, which can be found in Matthew 6:33. God will supply the things that we need with an abundance. The analogy of the work of God is like a farmer. A farmer needs to plant the seeds by working hard but the Word of God in 2 Timothy 2:6 states that the farmer will also reap the first harvest. Whenever we go up to the prayer tower, we’re praying for the nations and God will take care all our personal needs. Our God is a kind God that will never be in debt, there’s always a reward for those who work diligently for His Kingdom.

I DECLARE: 2 Timothy 2: 6: The hardworking farmer must be first to partake of the crops.

I DO: I will meditate the Word of God today and I will start living the Word as well.

I PRAY: I will pray and give thanks for all of God’s promises that I’ve received today through the Daily Word.